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Cartoon Capers

Bad image riots no joke

Jyllands-Posten's Muhammad cartoons

The cartoons have angered both Muslims and OK! magazine, who missed out by a narrow margin in the last stages of bidding

Controversy, deaths and the charred remains of embassies lie in the wake of the continuing protests over some not-very-funny cartoons published in Danish paper Jyllands-Posten last year.

The cartoons have been republished, in a somewhat inflammatory defence of freedom of speech, in countries around Europe, America and even in the Middle East. Protests about the cartoons have sprung up Worldwide.

KTAB News spoke to British Muslim, Madani Wilcox. “The image of Muslims globally is already pretty bad these days, and people torching embassies, storming US military bases and refusing to buy Danish food over some cartoons done by people who obviously don’t understand Islam, or how offensive they’re being to Muslims, isn’t doing us any favours.”

KTAB also spoke to US GI Marvin Wilcox, who was on duty at the time when his base was stormed. “The image of the US Army globally is pretty bad these days, and having to shoot Afghans because they’re daft enough to think storming a base full of trained soldiers with guns and explosives armed with nothing more than a blind rage over some cartoons done by people who obviously don’t understand Islam, or how offensive they’re being to Muslims, isn’t doing us any favours.”

Protests have extended beyond the Middle East, however, with angry crowds protesting in many cities across the globe.

Widespread protests hit London last week, which saw a grand total of no arrests made, despite many protesters holding banners saying things like “KILL THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM!!!”, “FREEDOM GO TO HELL” and “ALLAH IS GREAT, but hasn’t this been blown completely out of proportion?”

One UK protestor dressed as a suicide bomber. The move, regarded as insensitive by some, was praised by Police chiefs. “We’d just like to thank Omar Khayam for his sterling work,” Met spokesman Francis Bargle told KTAB News, “We’ve been wondering how to identify suicide bombers for some time so we don’t end up in one of those accidental shooting pickles again, so we got some of the boys to take photos and video which we’ll show to our anti-terrorist officers.”

“Even better,” he explained, “It allowed us to make our only arrest of the day, slamming him straight back in jail to complete his sentence for drug dealing. It’ll be harder to prosecute all those nutters waving the banners inciting murder and stuff…for…some…reason.”

Meanwhile, Finnish plans to publish an illustrated children’s Qu’ran next year have been shelved, and Denmark is redesigning its flag, keeping the original white-on-red Scandinavian cross emblem but manufacturing the new consignment from flame-retardant Kevlar.


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