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Tanker hijack indicates Somali piracy a Sirius problem

The MV Sirius Star, photographed by the US Navy

At 300 m long, the Sirius Star is as long as a US aircraft carrier—but evidently not as good at repelling pirates

photograph: US Navy

The first ever audio report from KTAB News sees intrepid reporter Hugh Dudman investigating the Somali piracy crisis from his desk.

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The environmental angle

Some pirates have complained that this surge is leaving the Somali waters devoid of ships to hijack or hold to ransom. ‘This phenomenon of over-pirating is going to cause repercussions up and down the piracy food chain,’ explained marine piratologist Dr Claire Timkins. ‘Some groups in Somalia are starting to speak up for “sustainable piracy”, where they only thieve and loot at the natural replenishment rate. Others claim that quotas will just lead to perfectly good hostages being thrown back into the sea, or being made to walk the plank, when crews catch too many.’


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