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My week in Gaza

By Amy, the work experience girl

notebook with basic Arabic

‘My Arabic notes didn’t seem to cover negotiating my own release from a hostage situation.’

photograph: JTA

Neatly circumventing the embargo on international journalists, KTAB News sent our totally unaccredited work experience girl Amy into war-torn Gaza.

I was smuggled into the Gaza strip across the border with Egypt, disguised as a Qassam missile. After thirteen hours, I got out, feeling very stiff (!!) in a dusty hideout in the suburbs of Gaza City. My Arabic isn’t very good, but I think they nearly fired me into Israel!

It is really interesting to see all the people living in such cramped conditions. (It is also a bit sad.) I drew one little boy a picture of my house in the dust. He said the rubble I’d drawn it in used to be his house. I am not sure if this is some kind of cultural thing, but he started crying. It didn’t look as though it had been very big even before being flattened by the Israelis. Maybe that is why he was sad.

Yesterday, I ran into some guys from the UN. They were really friendly, and they gave me some paracetamol and a blanket and half a crust of bread, which was great because I was dead hungry - I think all the Tescos round here must have been bombed. Perhaps the Israelis mistook them for schools full of angry Palestinian kids?

It seems really dangerous in Gaza. There are tanks and men with guns everywhere. I can see why Israel have banned journalists! Awkward moment when I was challenged by a patrol of militant Hamas supporters. They were pointing guns and shouting, but I told them about how I live in Market Pickton, and how my favourite food is mashed potato and peas (Mum said it’s not a good idea to mention wine or meat or a double-rum-and-coke in the Middle East because some people don’t like them here!!), and they smiled at me and gave me a pat on the head (I don’t think they had any bread), so that was another adventure in my life as an Undercover Investigator!!

Putting this in the post now, so hopefully you’ll be able to ‘read all about it’ (!) soon!

Yours sincerely,

Amy Williams, 12T, Pickton High School.

PS: Bernard, can you post me my passport, please? I don’t think I can get out disguised as a missile…


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