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Shoesmith cobbled

Balls denies fiddling as Baby P splashed all over papers again

a doll, not Baby P

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Children, schools and families minister Ed Balls has said that he ‘didn’t jump in’ by sacking Sharon Shoesmith, the former head of Children’s Services at Haringey council. ‘I don’t for a minute regret pandering to the hysterical tabloid press,’ he said, ‘I’d do it again! And we’d have got away with it if it weren’t for those meddling with kids!’

The row, following on from her sacking in December, flared up once more after an interview with Radio 4. Shoesmith confessed to having considered taking her own life, but not tendering her resignation. ‘If there’s a young person killed through knife crime this weekend, and I hope there isn’t, do we expect the borough commander of that London borough to resign? We don’t. But we might expect him to shoot himself, in the foot at the very least.’

She claimed she had been the victim of a press ‘witch-hunt’, as in ‘which minor official can we sack to give an angry public a meaningless sense of closure?’

The public’s anger at the maltreatment of Baby P has been fierce and Haringey Council has been placed directly in the firing line, atop a list that also features ‘Gordon Brown for the economy’, ‘greedy bankers for the economy’, and, rather a long way down, ‘Baby P’s sodding parents’.

‘For her to equate a random knife crime with the Baby P death is ridiculous!’ moaned Michele Eliot of children’s charity Kidscape, presumably since knife-crime happens under the remorseless gaze of the CCTV lens, rather than behind a web of closed doors, dodgy excuses and slightly oily net curtains.

Claire Timkins, founder of the Facebook group ‘Let’s all club together and buy Baby P a marble teddy-weddy-woo bear for his wittle grave’ told KTAB, ‘Ms Shoesmith claims she is horrified to find out that I’m calling her a child murderer, but I don’t see why. She as good as slaughtered that poor little angel herself—she knew Baby P’s evil parents were going to kill him, and she could have stopped them with her executive powers, but she didn’t. It’s as if she punched him herself, and she won’t even say sorry. The bitch.’

Meanwhile, a government inquiry has been unable to explain why this tragically-murdered toddler was not anonymised with one of the twenty-five unfunny letters of the alphabet.


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