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BBC iPayer

OfCom enforces £150k Woss after Brand’s Saching

Jonathan Ross, the prick

OfCom also recommended Ross’s career be restricted exclusively to radio in order to protect the nation from his fashion sense

photo: Wikipedia

The fiasco dubbed ‘Sachsgate’ seems to have finally ground to a halt this week much to the delight of the public, most of whom have spent the past six months wondering at what point the famous Fawlty Towers star Andrew Sachs became a famous Washington hotel.

BBC Radio 2 ignited the media storm in October 2008, when an episode of The Russell Brand show was aired without the removal of a number of privacy-invading, expletive-laden ’phone calls to Sachs, perpetrated by the eponymous host and Jonathan Ross, a man who regularly brings the lawyers out to safeguard his own family’s privacy.

Though it was only Brand's two regular listeners who complained initially about the show, a Daily Mail journalist trying to use his radio to pick up the bug he’d left in Prince Harry’s egg salad accidentally caught the broadcast, and managed to whip up a further 37,498 complaints.

Media watchdog OfCom was called in to assess tabloid claims that the BBC was defrauding the public by taking license fee money and paying idiots to be offensive. It issued a detailed report on Friday which culminated in the BBC being fined over one thousand license fees. Early suggestions that the cash might go to the offended complainants were dismissed by the regulator, on the grounds that it would be ‘robbing idiots to pay some other idiots.’ The money will instead go to the Treasury, from whence it may ironically end up in the hands of private broadcasters such as Virgin Media, via MPs’ expense accounts.

A spokesman for OfCom told KTAB that ‘the fine reflects the extraordinary nature and seriousness of the BBC’s failures in employing Ross and Brand.’ The BBC issued a short statement agreeing with the watchdog’s findings and, further, that the duo should ‘never have been allowed to broadcast.’

Russell Brand is reported to be conducting a contrite nationwide telephone campaign, apologising to license-fee–payers for fucking their Auntie.


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