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Old KTAB News

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. And, as part of my New Year’s Resolutions (number two, right after “stop saying sorry to Mrs Bernard for tripping over the stupid cat and breaking my leg when I fell down the stairs”), I’m proud to introduce an all-new format to KTAB News.


First we got rid of the paper, then we got rid of ever making any updates, and now we’ve got rid of the tables-based layout and are using something called “semantic XHTML”. No, I don’t know what it means either, but the technical boys told me it’s good. Actually, they told me that about tripling the company contribution to their pension schemes, but it does mean we’re going to scrap the “no updates” policy, which has got to be better, right?

The technical boys also told me that they’re too busy planning retirement parties in Rio to update any of stories from the old format, so they’ve got me to make a massive list of them so that they aren’t lost for all eternity. So, if you’re lost for all eternity, (I can’t think why else you’d want to read this lot) give ‘em a go!

In reverse chronological order:

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