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KTAB Journalists Required!

If you think you can top the writing ability of KTAB's current staff of two, why not drop us a line?

We'd be most interested to see what you've got to offer, either to KTAB, or to our main site by way of satire or comic writing. Hey, if you're that good, we might even get you onto the team - we always need new ways to spread the workload!

We have two options for you budding writers; either write us a satire story, or try a comedy writing task which resides in a section on our main site. A lot of sites give guidelines as to what they're looking for, but we're happy to credit you with a bit of intelligence and give you a slightly freer hand - if you wish to emulate our current format, you can see what we write and how we write it, so...err...emulate that. If not, submit something entirely wacky - if you're good at cartoons, top-tastic at ticker headlines, write excellent editorial or even think there's a whole alleyway of humour we've entirely missed, we'd be most interested to see what you can do for us!

Sadly, we aren't yet as rich and famous as we one day plan to be, and so we can't pay for any submissions just yet, and you should be aware of our submissions policy (which is basically there so we don't get sued, not so we can steal your stuff!).

Good luck, and e-mail us with the fruits of your labour. We shall be most interested to read them!

Alternatively, send it direct to - plain text or RTF attachments, please, we don't want any nasty viruses!

Waves of Aid hit Asia

> Stay-at-Home Secretary
> Up In Smoke

Andrew Steele & John Trevor-Allen’s legal-action-threat-tastic spoof driving theory test

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