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Welcome to the KTAB News downloads section! Home to KTAB souvenirs, memorabilia and shameless promotional material, all able to be downloaded with the click of a mouse!

Get a sexy new desktop or icon for AOL or MSN messenger. More soon, if we can think of anything!

Choose one of the sizes on the right to see this in all its glory!

KTAB NEWS desktop
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AOL Buddy Icon
The official KTAB News buddy icon! If you have AOL Messenger, click on the icon and it will become your buddy icon! Wow.
KTAB: the NEWS you NEED to KNOW AOL buddy icon

MSN Display Picture
Official KTAB News MSN display picture! You'll have to save it to your computer first (try right-clicking on it and pressing "Save target as..."), then go into your MSN personal settings to make it your picture. All rather complicated, but worth it!
KTAB official display picture

Waves of Aid hit Asia

> Stay-at-Home Secretary
> Up In Smoke

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