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Thursday 27 August 2009, 00:53 GMT

Editorial archive

Fire!!!!! Barbecue bummer
by Bernard, the Editor

There are some things that are staples of the British summer: the number of exam passes always rises, some speccy little swot with seventeen As at A-level gets passed over for university in favour of party animals other students actually want to share halls with, and the tabloid press run any story they can find for fear people won’t buy newspapers during the month or so where there isn’t any news.

Betsy Ross flag all a-flutter Letter to America: by Bernard, the Editor

Now look. I know you’re only a young country, but just because you are, in country dog years, a teenager, that’s no excuse to throw a tantrum every time your nanny state tries to knit you some mittens.

Josef Fritzl Filing charges: by Hugh Dudman

I have to confess that I’m slightly confused about Josef Fritzl’s stationery antics. If you’ve been following the case, you will have noticed that he’s in court, and that the press seem incapable of saying anything about it apart from the fact that he’s been covering his face with a blue ring-binder on his walk to court to avoid being photographed. This is obviously news which deserves an equal footing with the murder, imprisonment and 3,000 counts of incestuous rape of which he’s accused.

2005 Presidential Inauguration ‘Here comes the new boss...’: By Bernard, the Editor

Eight years ago I wrote the following sentence, and I have saved it all this time just so I could copy-paste it into an article as I have today! Hooray!

notebook with basic Arabic My week in Gaza: By Amy, the work experience girl

Neatly circumventing the embargo on international journalists, KTAB News sent our totally unaccredited work experience girl Amy into war-torn Gaza.

Archive Archive: Old KTAB News

Bernard, the Editor, makes a slap-dash attempt at archiving.


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